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Lover of all things language-related. Having lived in France and Russia and qualified as a professional into-English translator, I’ve since ventured into editing, proofreading and copywriting. Translation has given me a deep appreciation for the subtleties of language and its capacity to inform, entertain or persuade. And often, it’s not what you say but how you say it that has the most impact. Language is our most powerful tool.


I’m a copywriter and editor based in Oxfordshire. I have worked in international education for ten years as a teacher, in curriculum development and marketing. In my spare time, I enjoy discovering new trails with the dog and re-watching Julia Roberts back catalogue. I have expert knowledge: Marketing & Advertising, Education, Entertainment, Ecommerce & Retail.


I like telling stories. These days they're more likely to be about commercial products and services than dragons and fairies but I love that my job allows me to do my favourite thing, all day every day. I have been a freelance copywriter since 2011 and love the diverse range of topics and areas this job has allowed me to write about. Expert Knowledge: The Arts & Entertainment, Technology, B2B, SaaS, Logistics, eCommerce, Product descriptions.

Sarah Spinks  

I'm a copywriter and proofreader based in a beautiful black & white, chocolate-box village in Herefordshire. Specialising mainly in marketing, thought leadership, veterinary, animal welfare and hospitality, I'm always keen to take on new challenges outside of these industries and dive into some research. Expert Knowledge: Pets & veterinary, marketing, hospitality, environment & sustainability.


I'm a freelance editor, proofreader, and copywriter with a very strong background in Sport and Exercise Science (coincidently, my bachelor degree is titled BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science with P.E.). But fear not, I do have knowledge of - and work in - different sectors. When I'm not typing out words to satisfy all your copy needs, you can find me lounging on a deckchair soaking up the sun's glorious rays, listening to those sweet, sweet summer tunes. Expert Knowledge: Sport Science Outdoor Activity, Nutrition, Boardsports, Health, wellness & fitness.


Lilia is a Magazine Editor, Web Copywriter, and Author, with a love for Art copy. She has written and edited copy for Blog posts, Ekphrasis, and Portfolios, and has experience in proofreading and editing academic writing. Having ridden out the pandemic as an English teacher in Japan, Lilia returned to the UK as a remote editor for a history magazine in Tokyo. Expert Knowledge: Art, Education, Magazine Editing, Psychology.


James enjoys the ‘three r’s’: running reading and writing. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he puts everything into his work. He has 10+ years of writing and editing experience and extensive knowledge of content writing for loads of different formats: written copy, video productions, podcasts and more. He loves a good bit of research and writes with clarity and simplicity. Expert Knowledge: Entertainment, Sports.


I am a copywriter specializing in Science, eCommerce, Data, and Technology. I am adept at deciphering technical terminology and my background in Neuroscience allows me to know how to take on difficult subject areas and write about them in an authoritative manner. For clients looking for whitepaper or case study write-ups, I have extensive examples of these in my portfolio and are available upon request. I also take pride in quick turnaround times for clients who need work done fast. Expert Knowledge: Pharmaceutical, Computer Games, Wine & Spirits, Ecommerce & Retail, Science, Biotechnology.


I have worked for several years as a freelance copywriter since developing my skills as a copywriting executive at TotalJobs. I have experience writing for technology, entertainment, legal and marketing publications. Alongside my writing work I’m training to become a barrister. Expert Knowledge: Entertainment, Sports, Computer Games, Music, Legal Services, Costumer Services.

Copywriter/ Translator

Roberta is a native Italian Editor, Translator, and Web Copywriter, writing for a living since 2006. She has been writing offline and online for individuals, agencies, and companies in Italy and around the world. She always strives for something new to learn every day and loves to travel, doesn’t matter if it’s with the imagination or towards real places… Expert Knowledge: Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Fashion & Beauty, Fintech, Banking & Financial Services, Marketing & Advertising, IT.


I am passionate about writing, I am fascinated by what makes people want to read something, I always have been. As someone who has been copywriting for several years, (but written constantly all my life) it is apparent to me that no matter the topic, the energy of the author behind them is always visible. I have seen so many poor examples of copy. so many websites, blogs, emails and even books have been written by someone with no passion behind them! That should be a crime! Our world runs on words and I would love to liven up some of your written needs. Expert Knowledge: Environment & Sustainability, Health, Wellness & Fitness.


I’m an enthusiastic writer who creates well-researched, engaging copy covering a range of topics. These include food, drink, culture, travel, technology, wellness, and artificial intelligence. I have a big interest in food, cooking, and seeing the world. In 2016, I took an amazing 12 months off to travel – 24 countries and four continents. I also enjoy listening to podcasts – particularly food-related and crime-focused series. Expert Knowledge: Lifestyle, Wine & Spirits, Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Food & Beverages, Restaurants/Pubs/Hospitality.